Scholarship Programs


scholarship1Saint Louis College is a CICM institution, a mission-oriented institution. One of its goals is social involvement which calls for an active participation in answering the needs of society especially the assistance needed by the poor yet deserving of quality education. The SLC Scholarship Program is part of the institution's response to these needs.

Screening Procedure:

  • Announcement of available slots are made through posters and through campaigns for career planning in feeder schools.
  • Applicants should submit the duly accomplished application form (released by the guidance office). Stated in the application form is/are the reason/s why scholarship is applied for and qualifications that make the applicant deserving of scholarship.
  • Applicants must have passed the college Admission Test (CAT)
  • Applicants for academic scholarship must have at least Above Average IQ and with a GPA of at least 85%. Applicants for service scholarships must have at least Average IQ and must be willing to render service to the institution.
  • Applicants who meet no. 4 are scheduled for an interview with the Chairman and/or Secretary of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Final list of qualified applicants determined by the Scholarship Committee are posted in conspicuous places.

Qualified applicants are made to report to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee to acknowledge scholarship and receive guidelines relative to scholarship availed of.

Scholarship Offerings


Academic Scholarships

  • Entrance Scholarship for High School Valedictorian and Salutatorian
  • Academic Scholarship for Dean's Listers
  • Merit Scholarship for First Year Enrollees

Scholarship for Financially Deprived but Academically Deserving Students

  • P.D. 451 (1 Slot for every 500 Students)
  • P.D. 577 for DND Dependents (1 Slot for every 2000 Students)

Employees' Benefits

  • Employees' Dependents (for legitimate children of qualified Employees)
  • Employees' Wards
  • Employees' Schooling

SAGUT Scholarship

Special CICM Scholarship

  • SLC Band
  • ROTC
  • TORCH Editor-in-Chief
  • CSSC President
  • Athletics

Discount given to Faculty of Diocesan Schools

Activity Grants

Government-Sponsored Scholarships

CHED-Sponsored Scholarships

  • SSP - State Scholarship Program
  • NISGP - National Integration Study Grant Program
  • SEGEAP - Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program
  • SNPLP - Study Now Pay Later Plan
  • PESFA - Private Education Study Financial Assistance

Civil Service Commission - Sponsored

  • LSP-BDC - Local Scholarship Program for Bachelor's Degree Completion
  • LSP-MDP - Local Scholarship Program for Master's Degree Program

DOST - Sponsored
PVAO - Philippine Veterans Affairs Office

Scholarships Sponsored by Private Individuals/Organizations

  • Saint Anthony Scholarship
  • Orpilla Scholarship
  • Standard Insurance Scholarship
  • Marman, Inc. Scholarship
  • Saint Louis Development Cooperative, Inc. (SLDCI) Scholarship
  • LUBA (La Union Bankers Association)