Campus Ministry


  • is an essential and officially recognized component of the mission of the Church.
  • it witnesses the gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching the Word of God and by gathering the community for worship and service. Campus Ministry is directed to students, faculty, administrators, staff and those others served by the college.
  • this ministry sustains the Christian community on campus with pastoral care and liturgical worship and helps the campus community to serve the needs of its members and the need of the wider community.

cmoCampus Ministry offers a wide variety of programs though which the members can experience wholeness and well-being.

Campus Ministry hopes to enable the members of the Louisian community to recognize their own giftedness and find joy and meaning in serving others.

Campus Ministry office provides liturgical and para-liturgical activities, and organizes other religious activities for the members of the school community.

Vision-Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves in building a dynamic MISSIONARY community, in fostering missionary awareness through creative and meaningful liturgical celebrations, integral and relevant faith formation and constructive social involvement and vocation-mission animation.

Areas of Concern

  1. Liturgical Celebrations
  2. Christian Formation
  3. Social Involvement
  4. Vocation-Mission Animation