Guidance Center


Vision and Mission Statement

We, the Guidance Center of Saint Louis College of the City of San Fernando, La Union commit to provide a holistic guidance program by recognizing and understanding the individual needs to help them cope with the challenges of life.


Counseling is the heart of the program Program. It is the Counseling Service that integrates all the data gathered about the individual and his/her environment, in order for them to make sense.

  • Individual Counseling - one on one interaction between the Counselor and the student who can be a walk-in, referred, and call-in counselee.
  • Exit Counseling - service provided to students who decided to leave or to transfer from SLC to other institutions. It may also be that the students will migrate to other country or will change residence.
  • Group Counseling - service conducted to students with similar concern or problem. This group will meet a Counselor and will share their common concern in order to come up with possible solutions.
  • Academic Counseling - carried out to students with school or academic concerns such as their grades, professors and other relative factors affecting their studies. Academic Counseling is also conducted to students who were granted scholarship for them to cope with academic and work demands.
  • Career Counseling - given to students who may need help in choosing their career path and in preparing for the real work world after they finish their course.


Testing is given to each student to further assess them. Some of the tests administered are:

  • SLC - College Admission Test (SLC - CAT)
  • SLC - Qualifying Examination for Transferees (SLC - QET)
  • Other tests to help students assess their specific traits, adjustment to several aspects of their environment and evaluate interests, values and attitudes


Provides the students with information that will help them to develop their personality and social life; with educational - academic information that would help them select the proper academic - setting and program, knowing the requirements and the opportunities available; and with information that would help them learn about the world of work and careers so that they can make appropriate decisions that will fully prepare them for the future.

The Guidance Center gives the following Information Services:

  • General Orientation of Freshmen and Transferees
  • Orientation for Scholars
  • Orientation for Probationary Students
  • IQ and Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes Results Interpretation
  • Study Habits and Attitudes Workshop
  • Self - Enhancement Workshops for Probationary Students
  • Job - Application and Resume Writing Seminar
  • Mock Interview

Individual Inventory

It consists of all the information gathered about each individual in school. The information is stored in a cumulative folder where the data accumulated about each are kept while the student is still in the school, and up to a few years after.


Is usually the assistance rendered to clients in obtaining services from other people or agencies that might be more effective in helping them. Likewise, referral is made by teachers, administrators or other students who may refer a specific student for counseling.

Follow – up

Helps determine the status of the person who received assistance and what other assistance must be rendered so that the service is complete and holistic. At the same time, the follow - up service determines the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs we render.


Is ensuring the people that people are in the right place at the right time. It has to do with helping people find a place that will contribute to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well – being so that they can be happy contributing members of the society.

  • Personal – Social Placement
  • Educational/Academic Placement
  • Occupational Career Placement


A program – oriented activity that seeks to collect relevant information to determine whether program goals are met in terms of outcomes as basis for the modification of the delivery of services.