Student Affairs Office


Student Affairs Office (SAO) is concerned with the other aspects of the students' development and the spiritual, emotional, physical, social and cultural growth of the students with effective teaching as the core of any effective program.

Vision / Mission Statement

We, the Student Affairs Office of Saint Louis College of the City of San Fernando, La Union commit to support students' total development by providing quality student services and growth opportunities to help them succeed and become contributing members of the Church and the Society.

Student Services

  • Campus Ministry - is directed to students, faculty, administrators, staff and those others served by college. This ministry sustains the Christian Community on campus with pastoral care and liturgical worship and helps the campus community to serve the needs of its members and the needs of the wider community.
    • Liturgical and para-liturgical Services
    • Christian Formation
    • Vocation-Mission Animation
  • Guidance and Counseling - The Guidance Center assists in the formation of the students through the developmental stages of self-awareness, self-exploration, self-enhancement, and self-offering through its different services.
    • Student Orientation
    • Individual Inventory
    • Counseling
    • Information
    • Placement
    • Follow-up
    • Testing
    • Sports Counseling
    • Routine Interviews For Scholars
    • Exit Interviews For Leavers

Study Habits And Attitudes Workshops

sao2The Saint Louis College Guidance Center's Survey on Study Habits and Attitudes Workshop was conceptualized to strengthen weaknesses of students along areas like Delay Avoidance, Work Methods, Teacher Approval and Educational Acceptance that have an effect on their studies as well as on their chosen course and career path.

Academic And Non Academic Intervention Programs (For Probationary Students)sao3
Assistance designed for students who are struggling academically and non academically. The program include important study strategies, time management skills, stress management techniques aimed at encouraging and supporting positive academic and personal development under the Self Enhancement Workshops (SEW).

Career Placement

All graduating students undergo series of activities aimed at preparing them for work at Job Application Seminar, Resume Writing, Going through a Job Interview, Mock Interview, Succeeding at work, Job Trends, Job Fair etc.

Parent Involvement in Education

In the exercise of the principle "in-loco-parentis, parents' support and presence are also enjoined in the school functions and activities.

Library Services

Library Orientation. Orientation is done every semester to all first year students and transferees. However, library instruction is also given directly to students who are in need of assistance in the use of library materials and facilities.
Internet Services

School Publication

The LOUISIAN TORCH is an effective channel for the dissemination of information regarding school events, developments, achievements and accomplishments.

Student Forum

A venue for the students to ventilate their concerns, needs and issues to administration, faculty and offices concerned. This is conducted every semester.

Auxillary Services

  • Security Services -The College maintains a 24-hour security service to ensure the safety and protection of all students and personnel.
  • Health Services -The school clinic provides regular medical and dental check-up to students and school personnel.
  • Food Services -Nutritious meals and healthy snacks at students price are served at the school canteen.
  • Bookstore & supplies -School supplies and other school materials at reasonable prices are available for sale at the College Bookstore.
  • Telephone Service
  • Lost and Found Service