Medical and Dental Clinic


Vision/Mission Statement

To provide responsive, efficient, quality health care to the Saint Louis College community by ensuring their safety and well-being guided by the teachings of Christ.


  • To deliver a caring medical/dental service to the employees and students of Saint Louis College.
  • To ensure that the Saint Louis College community is a safe place to get quality education for the students a workplace that is free from environmental hazards.
  • To promote disease prevention activities that ensures a healthy lifestyle among students and workforce.
  • Services
  • The School Physicians and School Dentist perform annual physical examination for pre-school, elementary, high school and college students.
  • The clinic renders free medical and dental consultation and first aid treatment as necessary to students, faculty members and personnel who may feel ill and require immediate attention. Referral is done to specialists or hospitals as the need arises.
  • The clinic provides health care materials and activities that help the students and employees monitor the status of their health and ensure the prevention of sickness.
  • The clinic participates in other school activities including medical outreach programs sponsored by the school.
  • The clinic is equipped with medical and dental equipments for first aid purposes such as BP appartus, machine for nebulization, etc.