College Library


The historical background of Saint Louis College dates back with the establishment of Fr. Burgos College in 1948. Which later on was renamed as Saint Louis College - San Fernando, La Union.

1964 - 1979 - the library occupied three rooms at the first floor of the old building.
1979 - 1993 - the library was transferred to the basement of the Fr. Burgos Multi-Purpose building.
1993-1997 - the library was temporarily housed at the second floor of the Engineering building.
1997 - the library has its own new building at the heart of the College, between the Engineering and the old building.

Library Sections:

The Library building has twelve sections (12) to serve the needs of the clientele :

  • Technical Services Section (Basement) - where technical works in the library are done like Cataloging & Classification, repair & binding of books.
  • Main Section (First Floor) - Contains comprehensive collection of books written by foreign authors. These books of different fields help students and faculty members in their respective subject areas.
  • Engineering & Architecture Section - contains materials that cater to the needs of the faculty and students of Engineering and Architecture Department
  • Law Library -contains materials on legal matters exclusively for Law students. It is found at the Northern part of the first floor.
  • Office of the Chief Librarian - found at the Western portion of the College Library (SECOND FLOOR)
  • Faculty Corner - contains professional materials for faculty. It is on the Eastern side of the Graduate Section
  • NSO Section - It furnishes statistical information on the socio-economic development of the country. It is in the north wing of the 2nd floor.
  • Graduate Library - houses materials for the Graduate students including theses & dissertations which are for room-use only. It is on the North Wing of the 2nd Floor
  • Serials Section - houses current and back issues of serials. i.e. newspapers, magazines, journals, bulletins and vertical clippings. Indexes are also available for the convenience of the users. Found at the South Wing of 2nd Floor.
  • Reference Section -It houses encyclopedias, dictionaries, annuals, bibliographies and other reference materials to suit the intellectual needs of the clientele. It is found beside the Serials section at the 2nd floor.
  • Filipiniana Section (Third Floor)- contains materials about the Philippines authored by Filipinos and foreign authors.
  • Cathechetical Section - contains books about religion. Located at the 3rd floor.
  • Special Collections - Contains Fiction, Pamphlets, Feasibility studies, & Research projects.
  • Mini Museum - It contains different Filipiniana costumes, antiques and other historical objects. It is found at the 3rd floor of the library.