Physical Plant

1969 The first phase of the three - Storey College building was finished. In June of the same year, the high school boys vacated the old Fr. Burgos building in town to occupy the u-shaped Boy's High School in Carlatan while the college students transferred to the three-story building
1970 Construction of the second phase of the College building began. Father's Residence was completed. The forty-booth speech laboratory was installed.
1971 In June, the construction of the third phase of the college building began. The College store was opened.
1972 In August, the Administrative building was finished. The four-hectare campus was leveled.
1974 The first phase of the multi-purpose building (Burgos Center) was completed. Five telephone units were installed to hasten communication.
1978 The St. Mary Ladies' Home was Built.
1979 The multi-purpose building was completely finished housing the libraries, offices, post office, college store and stockroom.
1980 The engineering Machine Shop was built.
1982 The northern wing of the College building was erected with new laboratories on the third floor. The extension of the Administrative Building (Accounting Office ) was completed. The intercommunication system was increased to 16 local telephones and 12 intercoms. The extension of father residence was completed.
1983 The southern gate was opened. New cemented driveway from the northern gate to the District House was completed.
1984 Two-thirds of the new High School building was constructed. Roofed pathway from canteen to the new High School was constructed.
1985 Cemented pathway connecting the new High School building with the Ladies' Home was completed.
1986 The SLC Chapel was completed.
1988 The new college store was transferred to the Office Supplies Stockroom. The new Clinic was also transferred to room 107. La Union Water System installed.
1989 Construction of the ground floor of the High School East Wing Extension. Additional computer room with 14 units of PC/XT IBM computer was provided.
1991 The third phase of the High School building that houses the audio-visual and computer rooms and some offices constructed.
1992 The MBA room was provided. It was a project of the MBA graduate students. The first phase of the covered walk leading to the college and high school building was constructed. This was a join project of the high school Family Council, the students and the school.